A very general synth programming tutorial & some general opinions about Arturia’s Minibrute & Minibrute 2

Do not judge these synths as ‘Brutal’ in any way before checking this out.

The video above might be the best synthesizer tutorial in the entire world really. It’s all about listening and tweaking & placing sounds in a ‘room’ with effects until it sounds good — it really is.

You can have fun with this knowledge — completely regardless of whether you have a Minimoog, a CZ-101, a JX-8P or a Triton.

The Minibrute is actually often considered a quite harsh / hard sounding and simple analog synth.

Well, it isn’t. It will deliver regardless what you want to create with it.

Here’s my multitracked Minibrute – including WBF R2.

Since this I have upgraded to a Minibrute 2 but I still kind of miss the original Minibrute so I guess I will get one again some day. I am also very tempted to get the new Behringer Odyssey.