Meet Bitley & WBF R2

Way Beyond Fairlight R2

Way Beyond Fairlight R2 is a huge Reason refill, perhaps one of the largest ones ever made, for Reason 7 and up. WBF R2 is fully compatible with the latest version of course. It contains over 4,000 individual patches made for NNXT, Combinator, ReDrum, Kong, Subtractor, Thor, Malström, the effect units and even rack extension patches. The refill contains 5 GB of data before packing. This also includes nearly 20,000 individual wavefiles.

“A Bit Of Fairlight” (demo track on Soundcloud)

The refill contains the complete and possibly largest available Fairlight CMI IIx library. That is the foundation. Furthermore instruments like these have been included: Matrix 12, D-50, JX-8P and JX-10, all Juno models, Jupiter 4, Jupiter 8, Juno 60, Prophet 5, DX7, TX81Z, M1, 01W, Trinity, CZ-5000, Korg Lambda, K4 and even a number of other samplers. We program our own sounds and create our own samples on the original hardware instruments. This is translated into the Reason world by meticulously multisampling, looping and editing.

“Chinese Restaurant” (demo track on Soundcloud)

Work on this refill began back in 2010 and WBF R2 is the 10th iteration of our Peter Vogel & Fairlight AU-approved Fairlight refill for Reason. We have recieved tremendous additions over the years, such as signature patches from nearly all of the famous fellow refill designers and Reason sound designers out there. Graphic design was done by ourselves in collaboration and co work with Kangebodesign’s Mats Kangebo who came up with some stunning graphics.

“A Moment After Barbecue” (demo track on Soundcloud)

The refill uses all kinds of building blocks (NNXT, effects, synth patches etc) combined into modern sounding and huge patches using Reason’s Combinator module. This results in patches light on DSP power but exciting to the ear, directly comparable with any Korg Kronos, Omnisphere 2 or JD-XA setup for instance.

“Faible” (demo track on Soundcloud)

NNXT sound categories

• Alternating
• Art Of Noisy
• Bass
• Bombay
• Bottles
• Brass
• EII Chords
• Ethnic
• Flutes
• Guitars
• Harp
• Keyboards
• Mallets & Bells
• Mellotron
• Orch hits & FX
• Percussion
• Sararr Variations
• Shakuhachi
• Strings
• Swanee
• Synth analog
• Synth digital
• Tambura
• Voice & Wind

Combinator sound categories

• Favoured by Bitley
• Arpeggiating
• Bass notes for balancing
• Bells & Mallets
• Bottles & Flutes
• Brass Or Almost Brass
• Drums & Effects
• Fairlight Deluxe
• Fairlight Voices – Deluxe Editions
• Hits’n Inspiring Chords
• Instruments Of Distortion
• Instruments Of Insanity
• Pianos & Keys, Polysynth Wonderland
• Pretty Amazing Pads
• Strings Or Similar Things

Patches making us think


10CC, 808 State & Orbitalism & 90’s, ABBA, Alphaville, Art Of Noise, Autechre, Baron Banere, Bit 01, Boards Of Canada, Brian Eno, Casio CZ and VZ, Chaka Khan, D-50, Depeche Mode, Dub, Duran Duran, Emulator II, Enya, Erasure, Funk, Howard Jones, Human League, Inner City, Isao Tomita, Italo Disco, Jan Hammer, Johnny Hates Jazz, Jupiter 4, JX-10, Kate Bush, Korg Lambda, Kraftwerk, Ladyhawke, Madonna, Matrix 1000, Midied Giants, Mike Oldfield, Modern Talking, Oriental, Pet Shop Boys, PPG Prophet VS & Digital In General, Propaganda, Prophet 5, Ralph Lundsten, Rupert Hine, Scritti Politti, Send Me An Angel, Simple Minds, Suzanne Vega, Switched-On-Bach, Synclavier, Thompson Twins, Vangelis, Walking In LA, Wavestation, Yazoo, Yello.

Other categories

• Malström
• Subtractor
• Thor
• FX Settings
• Kong Kits
• Rack Extension patches (Bitspeek, Polysix, Pulsar, PX7, Revival)
• ReDrum kits (About 100 different redrum kits sorted by styles and machines)

Note: No rack extensions are needed to use this refill; those patches are just bonus patches and icing on the cake.

While there are other Fairlight CMI solutions available now, such as Arturia’s CMI V (which we also contributed patches to), Samplight CMI 2X (in the works), UVI Darklight, QuasarBeach and possibly more – phew – there are still many uses for our products Way Beyond Fairlight for Reason and Kontakt. These are designed to be modern and contemporary and all the programming functionality is fully unlimited thanks to the inherent powers of NNXT and Kontakt respectively. Combining some or all of these solutions will give you the “ultimate kit” if you are a true fan of the CMI sound. Arturia CMI V gives you awesome resampling functionality for instance, and if you decide to try QuasarBeach you will get familiar with how limited the original machines really were. This can of course be very desireable. But the Bitley “Way Beyond” series puts the end on limitations and opens up for greater expectations and brand new sound discoveries.

Demo tracks

Way Beyond Fairlight R2 $119
Upgrade from Fairlight II+, XXL or Fairlight Platinum $59