THE $39 BITLEY VZ 2019 starts with the noisy effects sounds we programmed for the EDM giants Covenant & their track In Theory. This patch bank is highly entertaining and way different from the very simple (and in our ears actually quite uninspiring) factory banks that came with the VZ. So make the switch – and let us reprogram your synth completely. It will turn into something completely different. You will find Erasuresque ‘sequency’ sounds that sound closer to the Prophet VS than anything else, amazing and very usable techno kick drums, rather mindblowing sound effects using all eight envelopes, amazingly rich pad sounds – and we’ve also made a rich number of Combination mode patches. The sound bank uses up nearly all internal memory slots – but includes some space for your own edits as well & works in all three models of the VZ synths; the 16-voice VZ-1 and VZ-10M and the 8-voice VZ-8M. These sounds took a long time to program and they provide excellent starting points if you would like to go further with your own programming endeavours.

In theory the Casio VZ synths are very powerful indeed but few people have reached the inner and glowingly digital soul of these machines. We feel this bank provides a shortcut to that – add external effects from your computer or from hardware effects units and the sounds of the VZ will start to come alive for real.

Check out Covenant’s Sound Mirrors on iTunes or Spotify to hear In Theory, released 2016, featuring VZ programming by us.