corona relief

Beloved past and new Bitley™ users out there. In line with – or against – the awful Corona outbreak – and to add some “digital relief” to the horrific times we are all going through, Bitley Sounds & Refills would like to invite you to a very generous selection of new free refills from our past creations. We are also offering upgrade packs as well as a over 50% off Kontakt offer, please read on.

For Reason users: This includes fantastic sound banks like Fairlight XXL as well as Fairlight Platinum, and even some of the older versions of these sound banks – working well with versions starting around Reason 3 and 4.

Covideo Creation to upgrade: If you would like to upgrade any of these to WBF R2, please create a video or soundcloud demo track and upload it there as Track name (Fairlight refill demo). After that, please post a link to your creation on our Facebook page and please Like the page as well (see social media links section). After this you may order the upgrade to WBF R2 just like any previous owner of our refills.

For Kontakt users: Please order any of five different Lost In The Fairlight Maze collections in order to recieve the full version of Way Beyond Fairlight Kontakt. Your selections works as a little feedback to us indicating which banks seemed most interesting.

Please download one refill at a time. Check it out and play with it before downloading the next one and so on. This ensures the files will download as fast and smoothly as possible for everyone.

The files will be available again when the video gets 1,000 views. This offer times out by April 9th.