Fairlight XXL

The Big Picture

Fairlight XXL is a refill for Reason 5 or Reason 5 & Record 1.5 and upwards. It contains the entire Fairlight CMI library, used with kind permission from Fairlight Instruments in Australia. Being the 8th major release of the Fairlight refills since April 2010 when the first version came, it now contains 3 Gb of data (this is compressed when packing the refill; the refill itself is close to 2 Gb’s), over 13,000 individual files in all; more instruments has been added all the time.


CMI IIx with great dynamics, D-50, JX8P, JX10, Prophet 5 Rev 2, Jupiter 4, Moog Minimoog, Moog Prodigy, SH101, MS20, EII, EIII, Prophet VS, DX7, TX81Z, TX816, 01/W FD, Juno 106, PPG Wave 2.2, Matrix 12, SQ80, VZ-1, V-Synth, S-750, EMT-1, MU-80, Subtractor (!), SX-250, Sequential 440 and more.

Drums & loops:

Although this isn’t really a “loop” library as such, some interesting rex files are actually included, such as some ‘vibes’ from a heavily modified TR-606. You will also find individual drum ‘hits’ from CMI IIx, TR-505, 606, 626, 707, 808, 909, Sequential 440, EIII, LinnDrum, Sequential Tom, DMX, DR-220E, CR-68, CR-78, RX5, MRS-8, DDD 1 E-drums, M1, SX-250, RZ1, CZ230S and more.

Fairlight XXL has been upgraded and the latest version is called Way Beyond Fairlight R2.

Check out Way Beyond Fairlight R2