Landlord’s Kitchen Door

LKD or Landlord’s Kitchen Door is a minimalist yet groovy FM synthesis & electronica collaboration totally locked in on using Yamaha’s early DX / FM / SY equipment.

LKD consists of Konrad, FM synthesis expert programmer, and Helvetika, FM synthesis writer / keyboard virtuoso. Helvetika is the “nine to five” studio worker of the band where Konrad is the live performing night-owl & party animal.

Yamaha “freeques”

LKD sequences on Atari 1040. FM tools are decidedly limited to Yamaha SY77 & Yamaha DX21. Monitoring is done using Yamaha HS-80 speakers in studio / composing sessions. Helvetika laughs, saying “they [Yamaha] should pay us really”.

Konrad tells his story:

When I grew up in Mölnbo Of Sweden the just about only synth in the village was a DX21 and it actually belonged to an instrumental rock band called Waterfront (later Waterfront Mysteria as another band also had the same name) started by Bengt Sjöberg and the amazing drummer / piano player Magnus as well as bass player Fredrik / house music producer Electrician Twin today I think. I was only 9 – 10 years back then and the guys in the band were about 16 — this must have been around 1987 — so I looked up to them a lot & always sat there in the cool church when they practiced, every saturday. Their synth guy Patrik told me how to play Axel F and Jump — and those might still be the two best songs in the world I think. Patrik played Roland Juno 2 mainly but I was and still am more into digital sounds.

Konrad later borrowed the DX21 from Waterfront keyboardist P Fridh (always hitch hiking to & from Gnesta) — and Fridh gave it to Konrad when moving to Stockholm to work as synth programmer for Swemix artists Alban / (Todd Terry remix), E-Type, Herbie and mainly Stonebridge. Konrad, however is more into Depeche Mode and their Black Celebration / mid 1980s era sample based / Synclavier II / DX7 / PPG sounds.

Interesting working method

Projects often begin with the DX21 sequenced from the QX5 and nothing more. If things then turn out interesting that way LKD moves on with midi synchronized from the Atari ST system. This gives them the flexibility to start baking with a small dough checking the strength of the song only to add heavier equipment when songs starts getting more serious. The flexible giant SY-77 is “the end of all other synthesizers”, as Helvetika puts it with a smirky smile. However, she says her dream scenario would be an expansion card with better drums…

LKD are based in Los Angeles since 1994, with a summer residency in their green childhood house, the old candy store & café in Mölnbo Of Sweden.

Live bookings

Konrad gladly plays live behind Atari just about anywhere in the world ideally provided with a working Atari 1040 ST/STE, SM-124 monochrome monitor and a Yamaha SY-77 / TG-77 & two midi cables as well as audio set up in stereo and adjusted prior to arrival. Another kit in the hotel room if possible is always super welcome. Konrad practices a minimalist approach by arriving to gigs, shows and performances via taxi armed with just a set of floppy disks — so the show can really be quite interesting for a younger audience as the gear and methods used is a little vintage these days.

Booking requests welcome via Bitley’s FB page.