Meet the artist 4: Allis Nomac

Allis Nomac uses the Korg Triton “Classic” for all track creations.

Funky cuts is what it’s all about. Laying steady pulses with drum patterns & adding the fantasy & headbob inducing layers of Moog bass, organ chord stabs and lots of unquantized lead on top serves us with a great musical sandwich that always wants you to grab an extra bite.

Allis – It took a while to appreciate the Triton you say?

“The Triton finally really really caught my attention now in 2019 when I got rid of every other dang instrument and software pack. I wanted to go back to a single machine I could dive into. Here I can focus on what it’s all about; playing the keyboard and having loads of fun.”

But the Triton is like 20 years old, isn’t it? Any chances of upgrading to a newer machine? Kronos?

“Not really, I think Korg made a close to perfect machine with the Triton. Kronos sounds a little too clean for my taste. I’m sampling stuff with it as well so perhaps that might end up in a piece as well some day.”