Programming for Arturia

Since a few years back I have also been involved in programming (and sampling, in the case of CMI V) sounds for Arturia. My work has appeared in their software (versions of the) synths like Pigments, CZ, Arp 2600, Oberheim SEM / 2 Voice, Buchla and more.

Casio CZ-101 was my first synth, by the way. After that I got a Roland Juno 2. Then I got an Atari in 1989, a Yamaha TX81Z and after that I’d saved up to a Kawai K4. After that trading synths back and forth became a huge interest and the list quickly grew; JX8P, TB-303, DR-550, DR-660, RY-30, Ensoniq EPS 16 Plus, Roland Super JX, D-550, E-mu Proteus 1, 2 and 3, … and the list now contains just about each and every sampler & synth ever made except perhaps a WASP and a Gleeman.

Armed with Arturia V8 you should be able to access about 95 patches that comes from me.

This work is completely original Arturia programming and not conversions of my Kontakt & Reason patches for the Way Beyond Fairlight series etc.

The projects I have worked with so far from them includes Synthopedia, V7, V8 (also known as “V Collection 8”) and Pigments.

Don’t miss the sound descriptions & please tell me if you found a particular patch to be inspiring!