If you are using WBF R2 today, the amazingly rich add-on pack R2X gives you a whole serving of additional refills with hundreds of new patches. We have made a great package including the Rack Extension refill RE-XT1,  The Behringer DeepMind 12 based Deep Mining refill, the classic and super fun DeLight refill and the all-new main refill WBF R2X Additionals.  This lot gives you over 1,000 new patches! WBF R2 is one of the world’s largest refills to begin with – covering the entire Fairlight CMI factory sound library and much more; please find out more about it by visiting this page.


A whole Gigabyte of new as well as some completely re-edited sample data gives you very interesting waveforms that also can be used for your own custom patch programming. Or check out the very cool NNXTs and Combinator patches we’ve designed. The included Tunguska 107 set of signature Ivoks patches was programmed by Pilgrim Omega who you might remember from the original PUF! All the drum sounds are organised into categories (BD, Clap, HH etc) to make it very easy to create or change the ReDrum or Kong kits. Rack extension patches for Polysix, Pulsar, PX7, Radical Piano and ReDominator are also included. All in all this package injects a new breeze of air into our premium refill WBF R2. Order WBF R2X $59 $45 RIGHT NOW

Note: No rack extensions are needed to enjoy R2X as it is mainly a sample based refill, but here’s links to more info about the ones supported by R2X; Polysix, Pulsar, PX7, Radical Piano, Ivoks and ReDominator.