The $19 JDXA Noodlings bank needs a USB memory stick and you will then be able to transfer the sounds we made to your JD-XA. Patches include the famous set for the JD-XA Noodlings videos as well as a number of inspiring and very playable poly synth experiments. The JD-XA layout allows you to quickly edit a sound but since the synth contains four analog engines and eight digital ones, programming can be very intense and time consuming if you want to create a full ‘performance set’, which is what each of the patches really are. This means that a full bank for this synth would contain upwards 768 patches (12 x 64). This bank does not fill up all that memory estate and that’s also why it’s a very reasonably priced patch library. As you can see in these videos, these patches alone will have you playing for hours – and if you want to create your own split patches you can use ours as a starter point. Don’t forget to try the sequencer and all the variations on the sounds: there’s data there in many cases.