way beyond fairlight kontakt

Over 2,000 wonderful & highly playable glitch-and looping point cleaned patches for Kontakt 5 and up.

Our motto has been to not re-create the old samplers but what successful artists like Art Of Noise, Yello etc did with these instruments. The answer lies in the product name “Way Beyond”, taking these sounds far beyond what the original sampling systems could do, giving you full polyphony, multi-timbrality, effects processing and much more yet retaining the sought after original character of some classic sounds. However, our work has been focused on also building completely new sounds using all the possible building blocks within Kontakt. This leads to unique, absolutely stunning and very playable, enjoyable and contemporary patches.

While there are other Fairlight CMI solutions available now, such as Arturia’s CMI V (which we also contributed patches to), Samplight CMI 2X (in the works), UVI Darklight, QuasarBeach and possibly more – phew – there are still many uses for our products Way Beyond Fairlight for Reason and Kontakt. These are designed to be modern and contemporary and all the programming functionality is fully unlimited thanks to the inherent powers of NNXT and Kontakt respectively. Combining some or all of these solutions will give you the “ultimate kit” if you are a true fan of the CMI sound. Arturia CMI V gives you awesome resampling functionality for instance, and if you decide to try QuasarBeach you will get familiar with how limited the original machines really were. This can of course be very desireable. But the Bitley “Way Beyond” series puts the end on limitations and opens up for greater expectations and brand new sound discoveries.

Way Beyond Fairlight Kontakt includes our Synclavier banks as well as the previous Dreampads library.

Sound categories includes bass, synths, drums, brass, strings, pads, sound effects and much more. Stay tuned for a PDF patch list.

An old demo using the very first version of Fairlight Kontakt, music programming courtesy of Python Blue.
Yet another great demo by Python Blue, using a previous version of this library.
Note. Made with and for the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt Only. The free software Kontakt Player only runs it in demo mode.
Way Beyond Fairlight Kontakt $119
Upgrade from any previous version of Fairlight Kontakt $59