8Z Free: The complete line of classic FM synthesizers: All 4-op and 6-op sounds converted to the PX7 engine.

All DX7 patches in the world? There might not be so many of them after all! Going through >300,000 DX7 sysex patches (public domain) and organizing these, we attempted to erase just about all duplicates. Interestingly, this made us end up with about 23,300 patches. We sorted all the sounds into categories, removed the preset location numbers, checked for previous naming fixes (such as all caps names versus regular names etc).

As these sounds were programmed by others, we do not charge anything for them nor the (quite insane amount of) work done with 8Z Free.

The complete TX81Z. While it might look like TX-816 and TX-81Z is a typo — it’s not; these two machines were just as different as the Minimoog and the Memorymoog. All 4-op patch banks have been converted to 6-op by using Python scripting and mathematical methods to emulate the waveforms of the TX81Z with the larger 6-op sound engine. This has worked out surprisingly well!

The sounds of the DX9. The DX9 was the less known cheaper alternative to the DX7 and it had a simpler synth engine and no touch sensitivity. If you look at pictures of them the resemblance is striking — a similar product introduction was made by Ensoniq later on, placing the EPS and the SQ-80 on an Apex keyboard stand.

These sounds are simply fun having access to in Reason, and including these sounds means that PX7 now can reproduce the complete line of FM synths!

Adding excellent Combinator patches. 8Z Free also comes with new Combinator patches, which makes this refill stand out in a really cool way.


Content in 8Z Free: All original preset patch banks for DX5, DX7, DX9, TX81Z and TX816 as well as over 23,300 patches categorised into Bass, Effects, Keyboard Instruments, Mallet, Percussion, Plucked, Reeds & Flutes, Strings, Synthesizers, Voices. Additionally there are 21 FX patches and 54 Combinator patches.

8Z Pro: A unique take on the DX7, DX7II, TX816 and TX81Z with all new exclusive sounds!

New soundbanks for the… TX81Z? The meticolously front panel programmed SequenceMe! sound banks were the first ones we ever released, called a knockout package as far back as 1992 by Keyboard Magazine.

The banks are SequenceMe A, SequenceMe B and RaveDeTekno. All three are now converted to the DX7 format and included here. We have also modernised some of them to make them sound even better.

Our patches for the PX7. Brand new advanced FM programs: Going through all the classic DX7 banks the PX7’s excellent interface also made us inspired to program some completely new sounds.

Compared to the original Yamaha DX7 there are many additional functions in Propellerhead’s PX7 and we have used those to create stereo patches with tempo synced LFOs and so on. Sounds were often created as variation A and B, where the two parts create stunning results if layered.

The complete TX-816. Inspiration to this came when we made R2Y 1. We have included all TX-816 banks and reprogrammed Yamaha’s hand written preset layers as Reason combinator patches, including effects, panning etc.

Emulating this seriously deluxe rack synth is fantastic. Eight DX7 synthesizers in a rack certainly takes the DX to high end territories, parking nicely alongside the Fairlight and Synclavier systems.


Content in 8Z pro: 145 all new & original PX7 patches, 90 original TX81Z patches, 16 additional Combinator patches for WBF R2 users, 105 advanced Combinator patches including all TX816 preset settings, page R sequencer templates, Player and FX programs, Additional RE patches for Aurora, Ivoks, Mono/Poly, Polysix, Predator, Radical Piano, ReDominator and Revival, multisampled hardware synthesizers including original Yamaha DX7 samples, drum machines sorted into BD, SD, HH / perc, cowbells, cymbals, loops, other and toms, congas & bongos. Fairlight CMI, DX7 and JX-8P samples taken from WBF R2 and WBF R2X. 8Z Pro also comes with additional patches for Malström, NNXT, Subtractor and Thor.