Bitleys Kawai K4 Soundbanks

Our Kawai K4 sound banks are quite legendary and they truly transform the Kawai K4 (or Kawai K4R) into much better instruments than people usually think.

A much older creation where the K4 got to do all the instruments in the entire track, made when starting out with just the K4 and an Atari computer…

When you recieve the package what it contains is five unique and excellent Bitley soundbanks;

1. Analog Classics
2. New Age / Pads
3. Xtravaganza
4. Bitley 2019
5. Xtravaganza II

The package also includes a backup of the Kawai factory presets so that you have it if you ever feel for going back to its preset state. Also something you also should do if you after all decide to sell your synthesizer.

price $65

New 2024 K4 bank coming soon /