”so many sounds, so much inspiration!”

(this is the page for WBF R2 / Reason, here’s the page for Kontakt)

Way Beyond Fairlight for Reason (version 7 and upwards) contains over 4,000 patches. The library was built using our own multisamples of classic instruments as well as our unique Bitley™ recordings. The Combinator patches are extremely vast, with instant options for filter, effects and envelope settings. You are also getting a large sample library for further programming adventures. The. Largest. One. Ever.

WBF R2 has been an 8 year development process. A true and very serious music production toolkit indeed. You will find Kong kits, ReDrum kits, NNXT patches, Combinators, Thor synths and more; all thinkable sound types.

Everything in the library is designed with the true ambition of creating a modern day Fairlight CMI workstation: Something that actually works since Reason has built in sampling & editing, sequencing and Midi out capabilities just like the Fairlight CMI workstations once had. Or use this in Logic as Reason instruments work there too.

Soundwise the library is the world’s largest Fairlight CMI soundbank and that’s just the beginning. We sampled a pristine CMI IIx so that is taken care of. All thinkable variations too so you’re getting slow and fast Sararr synths; layered and processed Combinator versions as well as dry and simple if picked from the beautiful NNXT sampler.

Many more sources were added. All drum machines we could source. That’s, um, nearly all drum machines in the world. All synthesizers we could source. That’s, um, nearly all synthesizers in the world. We sorted this into machines / instruments and even artists. So yes, there is a folder for Art Of Noise sounds. And um, yeah… you get the picture: nearly all the important Fairlight-using bands in the world. A-ha experience anyone? And these are just inspiring and very fun starter points.

Get Dat CMI Vibe Yao

Inspiration to create

You will be making tomorrow’s hottest music with all this. Any style. But you can also recreate any old CMI based hit track with it. With the unmatched sample accurate timing and precision of Reason. Frankly all other Fairlight plugin and recreation attempts will pale very quickly in comparison with WBF R2. This is the beez kneez and that’s what will make tomorrow’s Wood Beez Buzz!

“Wood Beez” was one of the tracks from Scritti Politti’s Cupid & Psyche’85, an album relying on Fairlight CMI, acoustic piano, Yamaha TX816, Minimoog, JX8P. Here’s our remix of Small Talk including sounds from WBF R2.

WBF R2 truly is the definitive Reason sound library and it needs to be experienced first hand. If you have been stacking up a collection of Rack extensions and still are not satisfied with the sounds here’s the paradise of patches you have been dreaming about. How about Chaka Khan, Propaganda, A-ha and Art Of Noise as sound categories alongside the more regular bass, pads, pianos, polysynths. These are just a few examples.

Close to the edit

We also encourage you to use this as a toolkit for your own programming and sampling too. Think of WBF R2 as the largest Lego Technic box for sound design ever created. It truly is. How many pieces you say? Ok, here you go. 4000 patches. 6000 samples. Age 16-99. And the refill is so maxed out it took us days to even compile it. Every kilobyte of available space was used. Maxed out.

WBF R2 is completely programmable should you want to design your own sounds
price $179


If you ever purchased an older product from us like these eligble ones, make sure to catch our best work with these types of sounds for a greatly reduced price.

The original Way Beyond Fairlight refill
Fairlight XXL
Fairlight Platinum
Fairlight II+
upgrade price $99

This tutorial was made a few years ago using the previous Fairlight II+ refill which was built upon again and again. However, it gives a very good demonstration of how this refill can be used and what a vast library it truly is.

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