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Hello, earthling. You have reached the finest source of sound libraries for a select range of hardware synths as well as the giants Kontakt and Reason.

Way Beyond Fairlight For Reason
Way Beyond Fairlight For Kontakt

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The WBF R2 refill combined with classic digital hardware modules and keyboards

The famous and renewed Bitley Fairlight CMI & Synclavier based sound banks are expanded and modernized sound libraries available for the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt as well as Propellerhead Reason and expanded Yamaha MOXF & compatible instruments.

Way Beyond Fairlight Release 2 for Reason is the world’s best Fairlight based sound bank — now being marketed, sold and delivered exclusively via Reason Studios.

• Way Beyond PG-8X is a new refill out now & is still being updated with more sounds. Read more here.

We also made sounds for Pigments and V Collection 7 as well as the Reason factory sound bank. Furthermore we made the Recycle presets as well as sound sampling, synthesizer and software programming for many other companies and products. We have been working with Reason since its release.

Bitley™ programming work for Arturia: presets for Pigments.
Hardware love: Experimenting with an Akai S1000 KB
Running through WBF R2. Chaka Khan & Arif Mardin magic.

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Way Beyond Fairlight Kontakt is not to be missed as this is twice as large as the previous version. Read more about it here.

Arturia Collaboration We are working with Arturia to create presets for Pigments and the V Collection 7 instruments CMI V, Easel and SEM.

Bitley Fairlight demo music — new for 2020: The Art Of Noise inspired Art Of Nice project. Using our sound banks of course.

Art Of Nice 1 ~ Conceptualization (Using WBF R2 only)

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