WBF R2 For Kontakt

For immediate release, June 2024:

Bitley’s R2X super library for Reason gives you over 5000 fantastic new patches. Extreme Combinators and very easy tweakability.
You are also getting a huge sample library for further programming adventures. Legally built on the original Fairlight CMI library and expanded from there.

You will find all thinkable sound types including special effects, synths, orchestra hits, drum kits, basses, pads… sorted into a plethora of cool and inspiring categories.

WBF R2X is designed with the true ambition of creating a modern day Fairlight CMI workstation. Something that actually works since Reason has built in sampling & editing, sequencing and Midi out capabilities just like the Fairlight CMI workstations once had. With the R2X additions even more sounds and categories are added.

Inspiration to create

“Wood Beez” was one of the tracks from Scritti Politti’s Cupid & Psyche’85, an album relying on Fairlight CMI, acoustic piano, Yamaha TX816, Minimoog, JX8P. Here’s our remix of Small Talk including sounds from WBF R2.

Close to the edit

We encourage you to use this as a toolkit combined with your own programming and sampling. WBF R2X is like the largest Lego Technic box for sound design.

Art Of Design

As the sounds were coming to life different Combinator design ideas crossed our minds. We set out to really create a fun experience and collaborated for months with Kangebodesign to create great graphics to go along with the sounds. Reason is eye candy just as any hardware gear out there but we used no boundaries except the pixel limitations.

Design as a function

The thing is, these are not just graphical design beauties; they also operate differently by design — and most if not all Combinator knobs and switches are also controlling lots of underlying modules in a great way. This can be quick envelope and reverb depth settings, filter settings etc. And we are not talking about 20 or 50 combinators. WBF R2X comes loaded with over 1000 Combinator sounds!

WBF R2X is completely programmable should you want to design your own sounds

Price $199


If you ever purchased an older product from us like these eligble ones, make sure to catch our best work with these types of sounds for a greatly reduced price; Way Beyond Fairlight, Way Beyond Fairlight R2, Fairlight XXL, Fairlight Platinum, Fairlight II+.

Upgrade price $125


This tutorial was made years ago using the previous Fairlight II+ refill which later was built upon again and again. However, it gives a good demo of how this refill can be used and what a vast library it truly is. Matthias later went on to work for Reason Studios doing this kind of thing full-time.

News listing on Gearspace for R2X

Hey! Looking for what else we’ve made sounds for? Overview.

We are dedicated in sampling and programming synthesizers of both hard and soft options as Neil Tennant once so elegantly did put it. We started out on Ataris in fact, tweaking on Ensoniq EPS, ASR, TX81Z etc. You can now also finally listen to our very early “cassette tape mastered” work with Kawai K4, Yamaha TX81Z, Oberheim Matrix 1000, Roland Alpha Juno 2 and Roland JX-8P on the two albums Jenezeta and Jenezeta II. They are available on most streaming sites including YouTube. The track Harmonicum for instance consists of a Midi controlled Kawai K4 and there is nothing more at all on that track.

We have been maxing out our gear since 1990!