Way Beyond Fairlight!

Way Beyond Fairlight contains over 4,000 patches. The library is built using our own multisamples of classic instruments as well as unique Bitley™ recordings. The Combinator patches are vast, with instant options for filter, effects and envelope settings. You are also getting a large sample library for further programming adventures.

WBF R2 has been an 8 year development process. A music producer toolkit. You will find Kong kits, ReDrum kits, NNXT patches, Combinators, Thor synths and more; all thinkable sound types.

WBF R2 is completely programmable should you want to design your own sounds

price $175

Also available on YouTube, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, Shazam, Claro Música etc.

Sampling The Fairlight CMI Refills

Sampling the Fairlight CMI refills is a new release of all the relevant demo tracks I created. I hope you will love this. Note as well that the link contains info for how you can release your own music on all the main platforms, for free.

Check it out, enjoy it, share it please!