way beyond fairlight (release 2) contains over 4,000 excellent patches and is compatible with reason version 9 and up. the library is built using our own samples of a number of very classic instruments, including the fairlight cmi, roland jx, prophet 5, korg lambda and more as well as all of the classic drum machines. everything is pre-programmed for you including redrum patches, kong patches. the combinator patches are vast, with instant options for filter, envelope settings, effects. you are also getting a nnxt library and the sample library contains thousands of interesting waveforms excellent for your own programming adventures. all of this is packed into a 2 gigabyte reason refill where everything is easy to find.



this is the largest and latest version of our kontakt sound library. all sounds here were completely redesigned and built from the ground up to work perfectly inside the full version of kontakt. please note that kontakt player is only supported in demo mode. the library is sorted into categories such as bass, drums & percussion, mallets & chimes, plukz & guitars etc. the total number of patches is over 2,000 and everything is designed to be very inspiring to use. the name’s the same as the reason version but they are actually nearly not sharing a single patch – so they also complement each other.


for kawai K4 & K4r – THE K4 LIBRARY

our kawai k4 library is delivered as system exclusive files sorted into the categories analog classics, new age / pads, xtravaganza, xtravaganza II and the new library from 2019 is also included. each bank contains 64 all new single patches and the original kawai sound bank is also included so you can easily go back to this whenever you want.


for yamaha moxf / montage etc – XFAIR

xfair is a condensed and utterly neat sound bank for the current yamaha range of workstations, including motif xf, moxf, modx and montage. you need to have 512 megabytes available (expansion for the moxf) in your synth and this is then installed using an usb flash memory. the installation takes about 30 minutes and after that you have about 100 amazing and very playable new fairlight cmi based sounds to be creative with.



way beyond synclavier 1 & 2 is combined into one package which is for reason 9 and upwards. these samples were also included in way beyond fairlight for kontakt which is listed above if you are not using reason. these sounds are very crispy and elegant, and you will find orchestral sounds as well as really excellent synth bass sounds and more. a perfect package to combine with way beyond fairlight if you want to delve into what the high end sampling system synclavier would deliver centuries before modern hardware gear could have anything to say in this area. still, the synclavier sounds are very fun to create with and in this format there is no taxing on the cpu which means you can create very large arrangements.


for the deepmind 12 & 12 module – DEEPMIND POLYS

this is a very small sysex library which only contains a selection of the best analog sounds the deepmind synthesizer can produce. you will be getting really fat polysynths and some great bass sounds. as everything we produce is very carefully designed there is still a lot of entertainment to be gotten from this bank and the main thing with it is that no sounds like these really exist among the deepmind factory presets. load them in and you will discover an entirely different machine.


for reason – 8Z FREE & PRO

we did this massive undertaking of sorting all of the world’s yamaha dx 7 sounds into a usable fashion. while doing so, we removed thousands of duplicate patches and added our own. if you are lucky to own the px7 rack extension, these are the food parcels you need in order to really discover what can be done with it. we converted all of the 4-op tx81z sounds using advanced python scripting and we also checked yamaha’s hand-written tx816 documents in order to build the world’s first virtual tx816. this rack synthesizer was a mammoth machine containing up to 8 simultaneous dx7 synthesizers and it’s the big secret behind the wide dx sound in tracks like ‘oh patti’ with scritti politti. begin with 8Z free and add 8Z pro when you get a feeling for how great this is.

8Z Free download link

sound examples

8Z Pro TX-816 Strings
8Z Pro TX-816 Choir
8Z Pro TX-816 Trumpets (reverb added)
8Z Pro TX-816 Electric Pan Piano
8Z Pro “Less DSP” EP (using four PX7’s / virtual TF1’s)


for reason – ORLANDO JX10

the roland super jx synthesizer is one of the machines we really programmed from the inside and out. when the software world of instruments became a little too clean and digital, we wanted to create a library that went in a totally different direction and this is why the subtitle of this library is ‘taped noises’. we simply took our best JX10 sounds, recorded them to tape and sampled from there. everything inside orlando jx10 carries this little sweet woosh from the analog world. well, not everything because we also recorded a selection of ultra clean sounds to go with it in the mix. this is a reason refill working with reason version 4 and up and it contains hundreds of fantastic sounds. a refill that has become very popular among the detroit techno crowd, it can of course be used for any type of music.


for reason – THE PROPHET

every classic factory sound from the 1978 revision 2 prophet 5 sampled note by note. a vibrant analog life and variation is the natural ingredient and it’s also a strong clue to how this instrument has become one of the most rare, if not the most, on the entire vintage synthesizer market. now that sequential has released a new prophet 5 synthesizer you might opt for that solution but this library gives the right sound to us software based musicians. included is also a fairlight cmi based drum refill we made called ‘da beat’.


for casio vz1 / vz8m & vz10m – THE VZ BANK

casio’s world class fm flagship, the 8 operator vz-1 was a highly misunderstood machine, which didn’t really deliver many preset sounds to show its inner strengths. we built our patches without a determined dx7 type of sound as a goal; we went out on a long discovery decidedly looking for exciting new sounds and this is what we came up with; rather lush and fat pads, great bass sounds, a 909 type kickdrum, swirling and extreme digital effect sounds. in fact the band covenant used a preset from here to build a complete track.


Bitley — now on Spotify!

for reason – WBF R2X EXPANSION KIT

expands wbf r2 with a giant set of new sounds & adds that touch of extra excitement – just the thing for new inspiration. $69 usd.

for reason & pg8x – WAY BEYOND PG-8X

all of our jx8p & jx10 / mks70 patches converted and combinator assigned & layered with completely new samples organised beautifully for the excellent pg8x plugin. please begin by installing the plugin to see it running well in your reason setup. yet another killer refill from us. price: 99 usd.

for reason – UPGRADE TO WBF R2

upgrade your fairlight II+, xxl, platinum or wbf refill to the stunningly perfect wbf r2 for just 59 usd.


upgrade any previous fairlight kontakt release to the latest & greatest wbf kontakt for just 59 usd.


the best way to crown the cake of your software & hardware instrument purchases is to add excellent sounds. we program everything from scratch and our sounds are always extremely inspiring compared to the often quite “rushed out” preset banks your product came with.

the bitley designed sounds are the result of hundreds of hours of relentless die hard programming, sampling…

…and actually graphic design [ combinators in reason ] – the ui combinator design work was also a professional collaboration with the masterful design company kangebo design – teaching design the forsbergs art director university.

[ bitley also designs sounds for numerous companies such as arturia & previously also for rob papen, reason studios / malström & all the recycle 2 presets, clavia / nord modular release 2 / the nord micro modular synthesizer was also a bitley suggestion to clavia and we are always open for new collaborations with hardware & software companies in full discretion – please feel free to email patrick dot fridh @ gmail for direct communication ]
roland jd-xa noodling demo – now over 160,000 plays

roland jd-xa patch set including the noodling split / layer / sequence pattern – note: requires a usb stick for transferring the patches to the synth & you can then check them out and choose where to save etc.
price: just 19 usd!