Our famous and most inspiring Fairlight CMI & Synclavier based — and heavily expanded & modernized — sound libraries are available for the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt as well as Propellerhead Reason and expanded Yamaha MOXF & compatible instruments.


Bitley™ programming work for Arturia: presets for Pigments.
Hardware love: Experimenting with an Akai S1000 KB
Running through WBF R2. Chaka Khan & Arif Mardin magic.
Two new PX7 refills are 8Z Free and 8Z Pro. More info here.
Way Beyond Fairlight Kontakt is here – read more

New site, new domain and new Facebook page here to hangout & get extra goodies!

Way Beyond Fairlight Kontakt is not to be missed: Our new Kontakt release – for Native Instruments Kontakt 5 (full version) – heavily updated from the previous release Fairlight Kontakt R3 and now including Dreampads and hundreds of completely new sounds. We hope you will love this new update. Read more about it here.

New tutorials on Youtube: We’ve spent a few long nights to record a selection of tutorials & hoping you’ll enjoy those. And finally, the new refill 8Z is done, consisting of the completely free 8Z Free as well as 8Z Pro for those of you who tried 8Z Free and just can’t get enough.

New custom programming for Arturia by us: We have contributed with presets to both Pigments, their all new software synth, and to V Collection 7 and the CMI V, Easel and SEM renditions.

Always fun to be a part of a product like that; previously I’ve made factory patches for Clavia’s Nord Modular and for Reason, having a few of my sounds inherent in the Factory Sound Bank. Fun tidbit: For Clavia I even came up with the idea that would lead to the Micro Modular so I got one of the first ones directly from the factory, 15 minutes away from home by subway. But that was many moons ago! 🙂

Bitley Fairlight demo music collected: Don’t miss the vast collection of Fairlight CMI demos using our sounds on Choon. Enjoy Fairlight Disk 1 and Fairlight Disk 2.