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Bitley™ Pro Sound Library $499

Includes the entire lifespan of the Bitley™ programming work.

This is delivered as a 6 GB individually built, serial number marked zip file which is issued manually after your purchase so please allow for a slight waiting time (usually a couple of hours at most) after ordering.

A breakdown of what Bitley™ Pro includes

• Over 2,000 patches for NI Kontakt (Not Kontakt Player) built on a backbone of over 5,000 samples including the Fairlight CMI library in its entity as well as all of the other custom hardware sampling work we have done.

• Our complete line of hardware synthesizer patches including original Bitley™ banks as system exclusive files for JX8P, JX10, K4, TX81Z, VZ1 and JD-XA and more – as well as the completely unique Fairlight CMI based bank for Yamaha Montage, MOXF, MODX and Motif XF.

• Over 5,000 patches for Reason broken down into a multitude of fresh and very inspiring Refills which helps to organize this huge library and make it very easy to work with. The sounds are built based mainly on our in-house +10,000 wavefile sample library but there are also sounds for Subtractor, Thor, Malström as well as a rich selection of sounds for Rack Extension instruments and external plugins.

Supported plugins and rack extensions are not required to use the Reason libraries but will give you access to all of the content. These include PG8X, Korg Polysix, Reason Studios PX7, Omnisphere, BitSpeek, Pulsar, Revival, Aurora, Ivoks, Korg Mono/Poly, Predator, ReDominator, Radical Piano.

Sound demonstrations and music production

Please find several Bitley singles and albums released on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music etc as well as our pages on Soundcloud, Youtube, and Bandcamp dedicated to individual demonstrations of these instruments – as well as several other plugins and hardware synthesizers. Rest assured that all of the content in Bitley™ Pro is geared towards inspired, DSP friendly and highly modern music production regardless of musical styles.

You have already used our sounds

If you have ever used a Nord Modular or Micro Modular, Arturia Pigments, SEM, CZ, CMI or Easel or the Malström synthesizer in Reason you have come across our programming work. If you have ever used ReCycle we designed all those settings too. We provide and contribute with consultation and ideas in various constellations to a number of software and hardware manufacturers in the world.

User requests are welcome

Bitley™ Pro users are always welcome to give direct email feedback and ask for what we should add in future releases. We are working with all sorts of software and hardware but the core foundation is always Reason, the world’s most DSP friendly and production ready DAW according to us. There will be a lifetime upgrade functionality and we hope to bring new editions every 5-10 years starting from this new release in Q1 2021.