Our Kontakt Sounds!

Way Beyond Fairlight Kontakt R2

(This is the page for our Fairlight Kontakt library — here you’ll find everything else)

This is the largest and latest Kontakt version of our library. All of the sounds here were completely redesigned and built from the ground up to work perfectly in Kontakt.

“Sublime Chimes”, using Fairlight Kontakt only, sequenced in Logic X

Steps involved; 1. Multisampling (or sometimes not) and patching a pristine Fairlight CMI II using Prism converters. Looping everything perfectly, building Way Beyond Fairlight for Reason (which took 8 years in total). 2. converting all NNXT patches from Reason, 3. Noticing that nothing was correctly converted. 4. Reprogramming. 5. Reprogramming again. 6. Renaming. Redesigning: Everything. A nightmare deluxe. But we did it anyway. Because we love sounds and usable sounds. 😉

Note: You need to have the full version of NI Kontakt. Not Kontakt Player etc.

The WBF R2 Kontakt version is sorted into categories such as bass, drums & percussion, mallets & chimes, plukz & guitars etc. The grand total number of patches is well over 2,000 and everything is designed to be very inspiring to use, instantly playable.

“Bitley’s Hitkeys” is one of the demo tracks

Just like the Reason version but just different. Using the Kontakt powers instead of the NNXT / Combinator ones was a true challenge — but also one that gave us a lot in return. In the form of audible pleasures deluxe.

Note: Just about no single patch exists in both the Reason & the Kontakt versions as these were in fact developed independently. So. If you love the Reason version, consider getting the Kontakt version as well. Or the other way around. You will be pleasantly surprised!

Note: This version has been updated & fixed as late as November 2023
“Inside Synth City”, demo track using Fairlight Kontakt
price $179


If you got our original Fairlight Kontakt sound bank or one of the previous follow-ups, you can upgrade to this version for a greatly reduced price.

upgrade price $99
“The Old Library”, showcasing Fairlight Kontakt
Sararr Universe is another demo we made for Fairlight Kontakt, super fun to use.
“Synthwave 101”, another fun little example of using Fairlight Kontakt.