Product Overview

Proudly presenting our fantastic sounds for…
Casio VZ series
Kawai K4 / K4R
Native Instruments Kontakt
Nord Modular & Micro Modular
Reason: Orlando JX10
Reason: The Prophet
Reason: Way Beyond Synclavier
Reason: WB PG8X
Reason: WBF R2
Reason: WBF R2X
PX7 Rack Extension: 8Z Pro
PX7 Rack Extension: Way Beyond Solid
Roland D-50 D-05 and D-550
Roland JD-XA
Roland JX-8P
Roland JX-10 / MKS-70
Yamaha MOXF and compatibles

Please be aware that the Bitley™️ soundbanks are only available from this website.