Review of WBS 1, by Failed Muso.“Ok, for the purposes of full disclosure, I am a massive fan of Bitley’s work. The meticulous attention to detail in this sound design is right up there with the best. So, I had no qualms about buying this new library. The Fairlight one has given me great pleasure and joy over the years and is, without doubt, my first port of call for most of my sounds. As a Fairlight owner, I can safely say it is the closest any library has come, bar none, to matching the sound of the great machine. WBS is a superb sequel to the Fairlight stuff and delivers a dense and rich digital sonic palette that shifts between lush, evolving pads, harsh, crisp bells and dissonant chimes. Wading through the NN-XT files, there is much to play with here, all of which bears a lovely clear sheen of Synclavier-esque tones. But there are also bucket loads of extras (no surprise there), particularly the RE patches for the likes of the Korg Polysix, Props PX7, Revival (which I must buy!), Ochen K’s amazing A-Series, Predator, Pulsar and Ivoks. Bucket loads of drum samples, FX patches and more. There is a shitload of material here that is begging to be used. And by buying into this now, you know that Bitley only makes these bigger and better and increases the return on investment exponentially. I am, unsurprisingly, impressed. Bitley does it again. Thumbs up!”

Some quoted forum reactions

You know, for the life of me, I can’t understand why the Props have not BEGGED you to add this to their signature/official series refills. I think your refill is head and shoulders above the new Props Drum Takes series. As I posted in a previous thread, Big Fish Audio put out almost identical material many years ago! I know I’m comparing apples with pears here but I’m talking from a usefulness and uniqueness perspective. It’s quite clear from all the wonderful comments above what a monumental success your refill could be with the right backing and promotion. I just can’t understand it. Help!

• Just plooped down the money for my this refill, my very first, I might add…well other then my props refills. Must say, I’m not dissapointed…some awesome stuff here!!!

• It’s very difficult to browse and audition these patches all the way through without getting a sudden burst of inspiration and clicking the record button. I’ve been waiting for a good refill with no cheesy sounds and this is it! Excellent work on this.

• Wow this refill IS awesome!!! Its huge…..Long days ahead *deep breath*Thx Bitley!!!

• BUY THE REFILL FOLKS! Seriously, you will be very glad you did, it’s effin awesome!

• After listening to this refill it brought back memories and sparked inspiration. It is worth the full asking price and more so if you lived through the 80s or are just living through the revival then don’t miss out!

• I have been studying for mid terms so i haven’t had much time to use it, but in the time i have its quite the refill, and i think its going to be one of those refills to have in the must have refill list. I have banged about with it just noodleing about and the sounds sit well in the mix and with a few tweaks you can get the drums that come with the refill to frighten your cat or (insert pet here). My iguana had no comment though.

• I can only think of one word to describe this refill (Outstanding). Another word comes to mind as well (craftsmanship). I never thought a refill coud sound this good. thanks . mart

• I’ve gone through at least 75% of the patches and I haven’t found a pretty patch yet!!!! I have enough of those sounds anyways. The sounds in this refill ooze character and grit. A little rough around the edges, but in a very good and tasty way. I’m loving these sounds.

• Dude, with a refill like this, you should contact Propellerhead to push it for you. This thing is even better than Soul School and that was being sold for 99 euros, which I think is pretty steep! Especially if you see the content that you made. I’m not complaining though. I have to say I haven’t done much with it cos I don’t have the time right now cos I’m going on vacation but man those samples are something else. If you have Propellerhead pushing this for you, and you have some GOOD DEMOS, you can easily get 150 for it and it will probably sell well. You also need exposure in magazines and shit because that’s apparently where most ‘musicians’ still get their info.

• Holy Sh*! I’m into the J’s right now and this thing is f*n amazing!!! Everybody out there needs a copy of this refill! It’s like one big phat analogue orgas…crap, now I gotta clean my keyboard. Bitley, my hat’s off to you sir, this is a fine piece of craftsmanship! Hell, I’d stick my name on it just because it matches! 😛 Hopefully the contributions I’ll be making will be a welcome addition for everybody!

• You’re right. You have no idea about this refill until you get it. It’s f*g massive.

• Wow! I got it late last night, so I have only gone through a small fraction of the many sounds, but I already love this refill! The sounds of the Fairlight sure got character and personality! Very inspiring and fun to play with. This will complement my Reason sound library in a great way. It’s not just about nostalgia, this early sampling stuff is very creativly done and brings a special flavour you can’t find anywhere else. I know exactly what ReasonGroove means when he says that he got enought of the ‘pretty’ sounds already – these sounds are pretty in their own way. And very inspiring. It’s remarkable to have the full Fairlight library in a single refill. I think Bitley has done a great job. Thanks!

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