Bitley 8Z Pro

8Z Free and 8Z Pro are two giant refills using the PX7 Rack Extension, which was modelled after Yamaha DX7 with a few additions up its sleeve. PX7 is unfortunately no longer available except if you belong to those who got it when it was.

So what’s to like here? Well you are getting the world’s largest sorted DX7 library and you’re also getting all of the DX11 / TX81Z sounds converted by help of Python programming. You are also getting all of the Bitley TX81Z banks “SequenceMe” and “RaveDeTekno” as well as creative combinator layering and 8Z Pro even contains a large built in sample library.

In addition, and here’s the way beyond coolest thing; it also includes a large set of Yamaha TX816 emulations and this is possible due to the fact that Reason uses so little CPU power; the TX816 patches are therefore fully polyphonic and playable. TX816 factory patches were recreated from Yamaha’s hand written notes about those ultra large Scritti Politti / Oh Patti type electric pianos and almost real life brass sounds etc. To our knowledge this is the only decent TX816 emulation ever done.

If you are a PX7 owner, this is a must have kit. 🙂

price $25