Bitleys D-50 patches

Factory patches? Yes. And Bitley patches. All collected. Fill it up. Excellent stuff.

This is a collection of Bitley patches for the D-50 and the D-550. However it must be said that this synthesizer has one of the finest preset sound banks ever made. This made us decide that the ultimate D-50 experience should be having both the Bitley patches and the factory patches in one new and beautiful collection.

So this is what you get; around 32 Bitley patches and around 32 of the best D-50 preset patches. What is especially good about this bank is that it contains excellent VA-like Polysynth type patches, a stunning variation on the original Soundtrack preset and first and foremost a EP patch (with variations) that responds to velocity in an amazingly dynamic DX7II type of way.

Built in sequencer patch? Yes. Hear this out. One of the patches uses Chase play to act like a pattern sequencer and it’s the funniest thing we ever found out about the D-50 in these present days. Just press the Chase button, jam away in about 120-125 BPM and wow, it really loops like a sequencer.

Also compatible with the Roland D-05 Boutique synthesizer.

price $15