Bitleys DeepMind patches

The Behringer DeepMind synths are quite fantastic in that they are new and analog just like the old Roland Juno-106 even though they are not emulating the Juno sound at all.

Anyway, the machines are all compatible so this bank works with all three models; DeepMind 12, DeepMind 12R and DeepMind 6.

The Bitley bank contains about 20-25 really well made patches to get you started on a much better track than the factory presets in the synths.

Sounds include: Ultra fat poly analog patches, pads, awesome Moog type bass sounds, arpeggiated patches and well that’s about it. It will make the DM much more useful and easy to understand for anyone.

This arpeggiated Bitley patch is tweakable and playable forever
price $15