Bitleys JX8P patches

These are 100 great single Tone patches for usage in the vintage original Roland JX8P synthesizer and also for contemporary compatible updates of the hardware. The patches can also be used in software plugins that are compatible with the system exclusive format.

Since you can not transfer banks to the 8P but only one sound at a time you can send them over to the synth and try them and you don’t need to overwrite any of the (by default) 32 user program memories in the machine.

There are also Cubase and standard Midi files containing the sounds and those are sorted in a folder for you called Tone by tone. These can be played back and will then send out one sound at a time. Pause the playback, try the patch and decide whether or not to save it in the synthesizer’s memory bank. Keep playing the arrangement when you are ready to try the next patch.

A multi-track session with the JX8P using Bitley patches
price $15