Bitleys Nord Modular patches

These are for the Nord Modular and the Nord Micro Modular. The Bitley project with Clavia involved coming up the the idea of the Micro Modular synthesizer and laying out a very basic foundation of how it should work; it should be a fourth of the Nord Modular, it should be small and should only need about four knobs. It became a quite succesful little synth and once it was finished we programmed sounds on it.

Our mission with these sounds was to use as little DSP as possible while making the sounds as musically useful as possible. A few of these sounds also went into the Nord Modular V2 update package so this kit is perhaps most useful for the Nord Micro Modular user looking for new and playable synthesizer tones.

All of the sounds, however, are only collected in this package.

price $15