Bitleys VZ Patches

The really gnarly bass synth in Be One Nation? Yup, it’s a Casio VZ with this bank.
Synth masters Covenant used one of the synth FX sounds from this VZ bank on In Theory. It’s the very noisy scratchy annoying sound lol.

If there are one range of digital synthesizers out there underpowered by sad factory presets, it’s the Casio VZ machines, VZ-1, VZ-10M and VZ-8M.

So how do you fix that problem? Well programming these takes absolutely forever but someone actually did it.

Make sure to inject true life into your VZ synth and get these sounds. You will suddenly hear kick drums, pad sounds, awesome bass sounds and lots of Erasure & synth pop inspired really cool tones you hadn’t expected from this machine.

We programmed all of these sounds including normal and operation memory patches from scratch, completely re-designing the sound character of the synth as it has in its preset banks. These sounds will introduce a whole other space where the VZ actually becomes very fun and useful.

By the way, if you are not familiar with the VZ, read the original review on mu:zines.

price $35