THE PROPHET $49 $5,99 RIGHT NOW ORDER We made the Prophet ReFill all the way back in 2010 so it is compatible with all Reason versions from R4 and up. This sound bank contains multi sampled versions of all the Prophet 5 factory patches, Combinator patches and both original sounding & creatively programmed variations that could only be done with a sampler like the NNXT. So why even look at a sample based Prophet refill now with all the fancy software synths out on the market? Well: It gives you the real sound of the real analog synth. Something a software synthesizer never will be able to come close. Why? Well, the Prophet 5 is like a crocodile in your pond. It’s alive, it’s dangerous, it’s out of tune and it actually bites! 😉 The Prophet ReFill also includes our fantastic drum refill DaBeat. Original price was $39 – super special deal right now $5,99.