Bitleys JX10 patches

The JX10 and the rack version of it, the MKS-70 is a most beautiful creation both visually and sound-wise. The engines are often regarded as “two JX8Ps in one”, but while this is true from some points the JX10 really sounds a little different to the JX8P even though you can also use it in Tone mode. To check out our available JX8P Tones, compatible with the JX10, go here.

A multi tracked JX10 using the Bitley patches

Programming Patches in the JX10 is a giant project and it takes a lot of time. Therefore, a bank like this can truly pump new life into the JX10 effortlessly for you. The system exclusive file is compatible with original unmodified JX10s and MKS70s but also with upgraded hardware from Vecoven and so on.

All the patches were carefully from scratch using a JX-10 with a PG-800 programmer that actually wasn’t in use so often. The JX-10 is a really deep menu diving machine. And we did the deep diving for you. 🙂

price $35