Way Beyond PG8X

The World’s First Virtual Roland JX-10

The Roland JX-10 was Roland’s absolute flagship analog synthesizer in its heyday, introduced in the year 1986 and costing about $3000. Which, at that time was a good down payment for a house or could buy you a brand new small car.

This is a huge refill for those where the great PG8X JX8P emulation plugin works.

If you belong to the lucky ones having no troubles installing PG8X this is by far the fattest sound library for it ever. Not only does it contain all those original JX8P patches that we made, it also contains a lot from WBF R2 including a much better and well-organized sample library. It also contains the software JX10 synth made in Combinator and we’re calling it MKS-770.

The patches are truly outstanding and belong to some of the finest work we’ve done.

Furthermore, Way Beyond PG8X also includes all the Roland preset patches combined and ready so it’s really like having a JX8P and a JX10 in your MIDI system only that they are virtual.

Order Way Beyond PG8X – $209