Bitley XFair – for expandable modern Yamaha synthesizers

All instruments and drums in the sad pop tune Summer’s Coming Up was produced using a midi controlled Yamaha MOXF only and this soundbank.

The Yamaha MONTAGE, MOXF, Motif XF and all the other new Yamaha synths that can accept the .X6V file format happily reads this bank via an USB stick from your computer.

Yamaha .X6V compability list

The import of the sounds (to the flash expansion memory) takes about 30-50 minutes and after that you are good to go. You need a little flash memory in the synth and this bank uses about 100 MB.

So what is it? Well it is a Yamaha-adapted small but very nice version of our huge Reason and Kontakt banks which contains classic Fairlight CMI tones as well as nice layers and so on as you can always expect from us. We imported, programmed this directly on the MOXF synthesizer and then exported the file so you can enjoy it in your machine.

price $75